The origin of village reaches till the antique past. Almost all the inhabitants from today's “Petriti” have existed at that time in the mountain village “Korakades”, and had their vine, fruit and vegetables fields and fishing boats in “Petriti”.

For thirty years approximately Korakades was menaced by a landslide, for that reason you will be determined in Petriti to admit. You build your house in the side of the Mediterranean Sea, so your work becomes easier, as well as the work of a peasant or fisherman.

Today we still assemble our community in the church of Korakades for holiday weddings, baptisms and happy events.

Egrypos: At the beginning of the 14 th century, Egrypos was undertaken from the family of Petriti, which comes from the Tarauto/Italy and were great land owners. In the Egrypos harbor lay often the Venetian arm navy boats. Later, the place of the family Palatianos became a legend.
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